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2015 elen with bellsElen Sentier was born on Dartmoor and grew up on Exmoor. She now lives, with her husband, cats and a host of wildlife in the back of beyond by the river Wye, in the Welsh Marches, where she writes magic/mystery/romance novels as well as books on British native shamanism. When not writing she may be found walking the wilds, painting, spinning, weaving and knitting, cooking up hedgerow brews and gardening. And reading!

She comes from a long family lineage in the British native tradition and lived her early childhood years on Dartmoor learning the old ways from her father, uncles, aunts and neighbours. Her dad was an engineer and amateur historian-cum-archaeologist, he took her all over the moor playing and telling her the stories of the wonderful ancient places on the moor. One of her uncles was a woodsman, he could call a wild falcon down to his fist or sit with an adder twined around his wrist. Another uncle was a smallholder, he would carry a ball of swarmed bees in his bare hands.

Elen Sentier

Elen Sentier

When she was eight years old her dad’s engineering job moved him from south to north Devon so Elen came to live on the edge of Exmoor. As well as her dad and other relations their next-door neighbour was the village midwife and healer who also did the laying out of the dead. Elen learned herb lore, healing and lyke-lore (the ways of the dead) from her. Her aunt owned the village sacred well, and others in the village who walked the old path took her to participate in the old seasonal rituals, like the Night of the Mothers and calling the land spirits with the harness-bells before ploughing. Ploughing continued in the village up to the late 1960s.

Her mother’s mother was a witch from the Isle of Mann. Her dad’s family were connected with Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner, and with the Theosophical Society through her grandmother’s cousin, Ursula Bright. Ursula bought the Benares Centre for the Society and Ursula’s daughter, Esther, was the close friend of Annie Besant.

jhp5423fc87b679cElen studied dance, drama and art at university but decided she wasn’t good enough to make a career out of it so she went on to work for the MOD, first as a finance officer and then as a computer engineer and software designer. In her spare time she continued dancing … working as a demonstrator for a friend who taught for Arlene Phillips at the London Pineapple. After a successful twenty-year career with the MOD she changed horses to train as a transpersonal psychotherapist with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, she then developed a flourishing practice in London specialising in dream-work.

Elen has walked the shaman path all her life and made many friends including C Maxwell Cade, Rose Gladden, Colin Bloy, Paul Devereux, Michael Poynder, Tom Graves, Hamish Miller, Vicky Wall, Theo Gimbel, Lilla Bek, Caitlin and John Matthews, June Kent, Suzi Crockford, Ros Simons. She also studied Alice Bailey’s work for seven years and found it very valuable. Elen never stops learning with the land, the spirits of place and otherworld as well as with people. There is always more to learn … our pre-historic ancestors were quite amazingly knowing, knowledgeable and refined people and gave us wonderful ways which we can rediscover if we wish. As she says, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in!

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