Excerpt from Primal Awareness

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Primal Awareness is the new book from Rob Wildwood. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to give you a flavour…

There was a time when we lived completely immersed in nature, from the wind in our hair to the earth beneath our feet, in constant contact with natural forces, interacting with them in every moment of our lives. The primal mind perceived these natural forces as sentient beings infused with spirit, and these spirits were immanent within all nature. This was our reality in those times, it was the world that we lived in, and it came with a sense of belonging and a feeling of connection to all things in the world around us.

Today, modern Westernised society has now become more separated from nature than any other culture in the history of the
human race. We spend our time living in artificial environments,
staring at flat screens and purchasing pre-packaged food that has
been mass-produced on factory farms. Meanwhile rampant capitalism and globalisation are rapidly eating up the entire planet, consuming its resources and spewing out pollution into all corners of the Earth.

So how did we get here? How did we become so separated from the natural world that gave birth to us? How did we lose our intimate connection to the Earth and to the natural forces that once surrounded us? Why do we now destroy our own planet, the very earth we stand upon? How did we become so lost?

To answer these questions we will take a journey back in time, back to our primal origins when we and the land were one. Back to the time when there was no separation, to the time when we had primal awareness, completely immersed in nature and in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth.

During our journey we will investigate, at each stage of our development, what occurred that caused us to become separated from our natural state of being, and we will discover ways to turn
back the wheels of time and reconnect with our primal origins.

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