Excerpt from Drinking the Four Winds

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Drinking the Four Winds, is a shamanic love story written by Ross Heaven. This book is also an adventure, with an Andean shamanic initiation based on the principles of love, reciprocity and blending with God.

“I have always liked raw and ruined people; the wounded, the damaged and disenfranchised who the world rejects and who reject it in kind. Often they are our artists, creators and changemakers. Often too, more than most, they are willing to see their pain and address it, explore its meanings and find ways to heal. There is courage and strength in that which may lead to a new and deeper knowledge of the self and, if they are lucky, to wisdom.

This is what I tell my clients now when they come to me for help, feeling broken by life and ashamed sometimes because they cannot heal their wounds alone: that their pain and their willingness to face it – to have made this healing appointment at all – is where their strength and bravery lies. Because the truth is that we are all in pain, it is just that most of us don’t recognise it against the background noise of suffering in our societies, or else we sense it and ignore it through fear of what we may find on the other sides of ourselves.

Those who choose to face their anxieties, their souls and their demons are not weak; they are the strongest among us.

The trick, however – and one that so few of us seem to have mastered – is to see our pain, acknowledge and honour it, and then let it go and move on instead of revisiting it forever and adding to its power over us by deepening the wound.

One of the fundamental things that work with plants may teach you is that all of life is a paradox – that, in the words of Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize winner for his work in quantum physics, ‘the opposite of a profound truth may be another profound truth’ – so that the way we present ourselves to the world, for example, may be the opposite of how we really feel about ourselves. Our public face or persona represents the truth we put on show while our inner world contains a reality of a different order. We may put on a show of strength for example because we feel weak, or a front of independence and free-spiritedness while we are wholly dependent on others and have nothing of our own to give; we may travel the world, running towards new adventures because there is something in our pasts that we are also running from and we want to fill the emptiness inside us with sunsets and jungles, mountains and oceans, cramming more and more beauty into the thing we find most ugly.

By the same token, a client who professes weakness because of an issue she cannot face alone has integrity, honesty and power which
many seemingly tough and defended people lack. There is strength in vulnerability.”

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