Different Kinds of Warriors Part One

Mar 10th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Mabh Savage, Poetry

Great black wings

Beating at my back

Keeping me on track

Pulling up the slack

So I am not

I fight,

The black hyenas

Of the mind

When I find

They are chewing

The carcass

Of my motivation

I pray to the Morrígan

For she knows how to transform

Into the beast that is needed

In this moment

I pray to Badb

For she knows which battles to fight

Which to scream for

Which to fly toward

I pray to Macha

My spiritual namesake

Sovereign Lady

Fairy and Queen

My words are sent into the hills

And my night-begotten chills

Morph into battles of wills

Standing tall, stepping firm

Even when body and mind

Feels bruised and left behind.


Image credit: Common Raven by Accipiter (R. Altenkamp, Berlin), via Wikimedia Commons, copyright 2009.

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