Different Kinds of Warriors Part Three

May 26th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Mabh Savage, Poetry



Knowing when not to hug
When not to speak
When not to take silence
Knowing when not to bug
When not to seek
When not to be unkind
Or miserly
I may be blank-eyed
Into a muddy hole
Deep in the forest
Where even the green man
Seems not to tread.
But I am not dead
So thank you for
Knowing when not to call
When not to try
To hold, to talk, to cry
I’m on the path
And by and by
I’m walking back
To see Lugh’s face
That warm embrace
That safe, dry place
My inner small creature
Gravitates toward.
Knowing when not to
Pull or push
Wisdom indeed
After all, there’s no rush.


Image copyright Keith Evans 2007 via Wikimedia Commons.
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