Dedication Ritual

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Dedication Ritual

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If you have chosen to walk the path of witchcraft (or druidry, or any pathway at all really) you may want to do a self dedication.  I did this myself many years ago just as a way of making a commitment not only to the gods but also to myself.  It doesn’t have to be anything complicated and you can incorporate as much bling, trimmings and ceremonial doo dahs as you want to.

You are dedicating yourself to show your commitment to your chosen pathway (although they do tend to twist and turn along the way) and to the divine.  You may choose to wait until you have been studying for a year and a day or you may want to make this your first ritual, it is your choice.  A new moon is a good phase to perform a self dedication on as it has the energies of new beginnings.   This is not an airy fairy decision to make; it takes some serious thought before you declare your dedication.

Start by grounding yourself then when you are ready sprinkle some salt on the floor and stand on it (it doesn’t need to be much, just a pinch will do).  Or if you prefer a bit more of a ceremony you can cast a circle, call in the quarters and deity.

Then light a white candle in front of you and look at the flame.  Think about why you are doing this ritual, why are you choosing to dedicate and what does it mean to you?

Then speak, you can sit beforehand and write some self dedication words or you can go with the flow and say it from the heart (or wing it as I call it).

Ask for a blessing from the gods; ask that they allow you to seek their wisdom and guidance along your path.  State that you will always treat them with honour and respect and that you will follow their guidance to the best of your ability.  If you want to you could use the fivefold kiss blessing at this point but anoint yourself (rather than someone else doing it as self dedications are usually solitary affairs).

If you have chosen a specific path or pantheon to follow/work with then state your pledge of loyalty at this point too.

You can bless and dedicate a piece of jewellery as well, I used a pentacle pendant.

Then just sit quietly for a while in mediation in case they have any insight for you.

When you are ready give thanks and extinguish the candle.

If you cast a circle and called in the quarters and deity you will need to release them too.


Taken from The Art of Ritual


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