Creativity and the Goddess

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I’m absolutely delighted to be writing for Moon Books; and in honor of the season I would like to express my sincerest gratitude.  My delight may also be because I get to write about one of my favorite topics, the Goddess! For this post, I would like you to consider how creativity and art making can become a sacred practice.

In my case, creativity relates directly to the process of art-making and I’ve used the connection between creativity and the Divine Feminine as a vehicle to pursue the sacred. I am of the mindset that the Goddess is once again taking Her rightful place in our psyches, collective consciousness, and our cultural values in powerful, gentle, and enigmatic ways. I believe I was called to this path as a result of a deep, perhaps ancestral, call to learn about the sacred role women have played in the spiritual experiences of their people across cultures and throughout time. The archaeological record documents the amazing and powerful evidence of the reverence showered on the life-giving attributes of women.

My route to this place takes the form of the spiral as the journeys of all women do. Through formal education in cultural anthropology, public education, women’s spirituality,and transformative studies along with the flip-side of the coin – experiential education in medicinal and magical herbalism, aromatherapy, bodywork and many forms of art; all in the structure of women’s circles, I have experienced firsthand the immense power and beauty of Mother Earth, the ultimate Divine Feminine; a true Great Goddess.

Traveling down the winding path has provided many lessons and opportunities for personal growth. The connection between creativity and the Goddess is what I call Mystic Creativity and is a tool for personal transformation. The making of art provides an opportunity for prayer to be put into action. As I reach a long awaited plateau, I have clarity on my cosmic contribution to the current movement of feminist activism and can revel in the sparkle of connection with the divine. I’m inviting you to give it a try.


Tend Your Soul Garden

Imagine your own soul is a garden with the most amazing potential to create, produce, and grow beautiful things. Like all ornamental gardens, you soul garden needs tending, intention, care, nurturing, and sustenance. Your soul garden needs routine; it needs daily care and cultivation. Your soul garden needs your attention and focus to become its magnificent blooming self.  The Great Goddess is a master gardener planting the seeds for beautiful soul gardens around the world. If your soul garden could grow whatever it wanted, what would it be? Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine!

Develop a Creative Practice

Any creative activity can be a path to the Great Goddess and a deeply sacred experience. The place to begin is simple – set your intention; which may be healing, transformation, fun, clarity, prosperity, accessing magic and mystery – or something else altogether.  Follow the steps listed in any way you like and elaborate as you see fit.

  • Honor your creativity. Self-criticism has no place in the process. Please, give yourself room to explore, play and create! Perfection is a cultural concept and severely handicaps our heart.
  • Create Sacred Space. Make a beautiful space for your creative work and include your favorite things. Perhaps fresh flowers and blooming herbs, luxurious fabrics, crystals and gemstones, heart items, and lots of sparkle!
  • Create a ritual for your experience and always make an offering of gratitude. Drum, sing, burn candles and incense (make them as your creative activity), call in the directions, the elements, and perhaps your friends. Call on whatever is sacred to you.Find your Oracle. Contemplate, meditate, reflect and keep an eye out for fairies.
  • Read scripture, poetry, and literature from the sacred ones and write in your journal. Consult your oracle of choice for insight into women’s mysteries. Accessing intuition is your birthright.
  • Invite the Great Goddess. Perhaps your paintbrush becomes the magic instrument of the Divine and perhaps your canvas is a magical portal to places yet unseen. She will respond to your invitation.
  • Delight your Muse. (This is the most important part) Cultivate a relationship with Her and listen for the inspiration, guidance and wild ideas She has to offer. Figure out what makes Her happy!

Tending to your own spirit garden can be a very beautiful thing to do!  I’m sending sparkles to nourish your garden and wish you happy creativity!


Jessica Bowman, M.A. is an author, artist and activist currently working on a dissertation researching the application of Goddess consciousness to social justice issues. You can find more of her work at and

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