Clear and Present Thinking

Jan 31st, 2017 | By | Category: Articles, Book News

303Normally, we don’t promote books we aren’t publishing, but this is an exceptional book for exceptional times, so we thought you should know about it.

Clear and Present Thinking, by Brendan Myers, is going to second edition, with the intention of adding more contributors. It is a a free college-level textbook in logic and critical thinking.

On the kickstarter page, Brendan says “We live in a social and cultural environment where “alternative facts“, “post truth“, and “fake news”, has replaced truth, snarkiness has replaced debate, and the word reality itself serves only to get attention for various artificial contrivances (“reality TV”, “virtual reality”, “real fruit flavour!”).

Updating this book, and getting it into as many hands as possible for the lowest possible price — as low as completely free, for the students — looks to me like one way I can do something about this.”

Support the kickstarter here –

Brendan Myers Ph.D writes about philosophy, environmental ethics, history of ideas, spirituality, urban fantasy fiction, and game design. His pagan titles can be found here –

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