Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear

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Brendan Myers has written a selection of very fine books exploring philosophical subjects from a Pagan perspective. He’s a very accessible author tackling big ideas in entirely digestible ways.

In this video, he talks to Nadiya Shah about his book Circles of Meaning Labyrinths of Fear: The twenty-two relationships of a spiritual life and culture – and why they need protection

Nimue Brown called it “An epic and at the same time accessible philosophical book about how to live well and fully.”

Rachel Patterson said “Brendan explores our modern day fears that we have about pretty much everything including the main fear of ‘other people’ as he puts it – what they say, do, act and basically intrude on our own lives.

To quote the author because he says it best “this book offers not one way but twenty two ways to escape the labyrinth”.

He does this by helping us to really experience the sacred, not the physical idea of sacred places but that real deep and meaningful sacred.

Try it…”

You can read an excerpt from the book here – 

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