Burning it at Both Ends

Dec 4th, 2017 | By | Category: Articles

By Mabh Savage

Today I was going to blog about the Harry Potter: History of Magic event happening in Leeds City Library at the moment. It’s a rare treat to find an esoteric event like this in my home town, especially one that’s free and open to the public. Sadly, I had to cancel attending, as I’m just so, so tired, and driving into the city centre is beyond me.

As practicing Pagans and Witches, I think sometimes we feel that every day has to be a riot of magical doings, in order to prove to ourselves that we are doing our craft ‘right’. But it’s not the case. A witch is something you are, not just something you do. You have to do something, of course! You can’t call yourself a musician if you never pick up an instrument or sing a note, and likewise you can’t call yourself a witch if you never perform an ounce of craft. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to be ‘at it’. In fact, rest is as important for recharging magical batteries as it is for charging the mental and physical ones.

If you’re having a tired day, and just want to rest, do it, and don’t feel guilty. Simple as. There’s no ‘but’; just do it. We are the only mammals who have forgotten how important rest is; look at any wildlife documentary and see how much time those big cats or those sea otters spend chilling!

If you want to honour your craft, but feel too tired, there are little things you can do that shouldn’t take too much out of you. And these things will be different for everyone, depending on your physical wellness, your mobility, and the form your spiritual path takes. The following are tiny things I do to help me maintain my sense of magical connection.

Say thank you.

I pause, look at the life around me, and simply feel a sense of gratitude for the things that make me smile. My children. My partner. My cats. My garden. Chocolate. Tea.

Stroke an animal.

I have two cats, although they are a little grouchy and jealous at the moment due to the invasion of the baby! But when they deign to grace me with their presence, stroking and fussing them, feeding them and even cleaning up after them reminds me how easy it can be to make a connection to the animal world; to lose the ego of believing humans are superior.

Step outside.

Weather dependant and mobility dependant. I always find that some actual fresh air rejuvenates my mind and can even spark magical inspiration. Even opening the windows and letting the clean air sweep through the house is a help.

Draw, write, make music.

Put down the knitting, the book and the broom… Bonus points if you get the musical reference there! Creating something, anything, uses parts of our brain we don’t often use in mundane, day to day tasks. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; just make something that makes you happy. Even a meal that you take time and effort over is art in a way, and most definitely a form of magic!

One of the most recent additions to the Moon Books catalogue is Every Day Magic, edited by Lucya Starza, which is a whole year of daily magical activities. I was really honoured to have a few of my ideas included in this volume, all of which help me retain my sense of magic and wonder, even when exhaustion takes its toll.

What do you do to recuperate when you’re tired? And how do you maintain your connection to your path, even when things get in the way?




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