Brigid: Another Pledge

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Every year, I celebrate Brigid instead of Imbolc. In Reclaiming, that’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done. And it’s what will continue on, I’m sure.

And every year, I will step into a trance or guided meditation, reflect about what I’ve accomplished over the previous year and then start to form another pledge for the new year. I will step up to the well, touch the water to my heart, move my hands through the fire, and speak the pledge loud enough for all to hear.

The anvil will be struck — a loud clang will echo throughout the space.

I will listen to the pledges of my community. And I will smile and weep and have hope for change.

The circle will continue, energy will be raised, and words will be said before the circle is opened.

And as soon as the circle is opened and the ‘stuff’ packed up in cars to drive away….

I will forget my pledge.

I know this will happen. I hate that it happens.

Getting swept up in the moment doesn’t mean it’s any less true or that I was any less sincere. I know this, I know this. And maybe this is just an ongoing pledge of compassion for myself. Sometimes, I’m going to forget my desired path…sometimes more quickly than I realize I will.

This year, I tried something different.

I did the things that we do before making pledges. I still got up in front of the well and anointed myself with the waters of the world. I still said my pledge aloud and listened to the pledges of our community.

This year, I had a longer, more complicated pledge that flowed through me in three parts.

One for my heart.

One for my body.

One for my community.

I remembered it….until I got to the car.

The magick jumped out of my head, though I could feel it on my skin. I could feel it sink into the places that needed to be reminded that intention is the fuel of creation.

That inspiration can shift the right now into the later.

I remembered the pledge the next morning.


So, to the wisdom of Brigid and to the wisdom of a human who is still figuring out all the things….

Thank you.

Blessings of Brigid and Imbolc to you. Blessings to the Earth and her children. Blessings to the pledges, both spoken and unspoken.

And especially to the pledges that are carried in hearts and not heads.

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  1. Scott Irvine says:

    Lovely article, for me too Brigid is what Imbolc is all about, it is her that instigates the start of Spring.


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