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By Nimue Brown

eaf0f1f58e4f2b262a037f3628a1d994Thus far, I have had two ways of deliberately approaching the writing of non-fiction books. Some of them are based on long term personal experience and I’m prepared to claim a degree of authority for what I’m saying. Druidry and Meditation came out of more than a decade as a solo practitioner, plus years of leading meditation groups and meditation work in ritual. It was very much a case of knowing what I was talking about! The same is true of my latest book: Pagan Dreaming, which is the consequence of a lifetime of experience, plus intermittent study of self and other resources, and vast amounts of personal experimentation.

Some of the other ones have been a bit more complicated. Druidry and the Ancestors, and druidry and ancestorsWhen a Pagan Prays were deliberate projects to push into the unknown. It’s not that I undertook the work to have the material for a book, in either case. More that I used the writing process to hold together difficult and challenging journeys and to make sense of my own experience. Books, as both a reader and a writer of them, are my default coping mechanism. Whatever life throws me, I tend to respond by seeking, or making books. At the end of each process for these two projects, there seemed to be enough useful ideas emerging to make it worth sharing what I’d done.

ppswsSpirituality without Structure was, in all honesty, an accident. It wasn’t a planned book, it fell out of the research I’d been doing for When a Pagan Prays. I’d spent a lot of time on interfaith studies trying to make sense how prayer functions within different religions. As a consequence, I learned a lot of other things about how religions are structured, and the tensions that exist between the structures and personal spiritual experience. By the time I wrote it, it came from a place of knowing and confidence.jhp5322da8f27f31

For the next book, I’m going to deliberately do both at the same time. I’m working with something that has been part of my life since childhood (again) but that has only become a deliberate part of my spiritual practice in the last few years, and where I expect the process of book writing to open up my own path for me. It’s also an excellent excuse for me to spend a lot of time reading.

jhp551bfc27c579fIn the meantime, everything useful that I know about spirituality and dreams, is available in August, and you can pre-order it now.

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