Beltane Eve

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silly-tribe-meBy Halo Quin

Wood smoke coiling overhead, melding with the music dripping from a flute as the pagans file down to the sacred site. Beltane eve, invited to the enchanted realm… roses twining around us, scarlet and ivory blossoms declaring the edge of our world and theirs… a time of no time, a place of no place.

The Queen arrives, carried by emerald mists, a smile upon her elfin lips, unusually long fingers gently bless each waiting crown.

“Leap.” She commands. “Whatever you are dreaming of, whatever wishes you brewed in the darkness of the year, step into that realm now.”

“The power of the earth rises now. The veil between our worlds thins now. The door opens for you to enter, now.”

In our circle, our grove, our sacred temple, she embraced her consort. The Queen of Faery and her King met in the mists of Beltane and their passion blessed each waiting heart with the courage and conviction to follow their dreams and the power to make them come true.

This is the true gift of The Faery Queen at Beltane; a glimpse into her world in which power comes from within and passion can be ridden into reality, and the understanding that follows of how to carry enchantment with you from that world into our own…



Halo Quin is an Enchantress, writer, artist, performer and Goblin Circus Ringleader. She brings enchantment to the world through art and stories, and works with real faeries. Occasionally she had been known to host rituals for the Fae. The above text is an account of just such an event, as documented by a pixie witch.

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