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Standing and not Falling – an excerpt

Jun 25th, 2019 | By

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Lee Morgan’s sorcerous primer – Standing and Not Falling… My first teacher was hardline about a lot of things. It was his belief that you couldn’t practise witchcraft, or any type of occultism for that matter, if you were suffering from mental illness or addiction. Like many purists

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Keeping Her Keys – an excerpt

Jun 18th, 2019 | By

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Keeping Her Keys – an introduction to Hekate’s Modern witchcraft by Cyndi Brannen. Overview of this Book And here you are, reading this book. That’s the last time I’m going to call it that because this is really an introductory course to Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. You probably have

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Pagan Portals Runes – an excerpt

Oct 1st, 2018 | By

The Runes are a set of 24 symbols which are steeped in history, myths and legends. pagan Portals Runes, by Kylie Holmes offers practical and accessible information for anyone to understand this ancient form of divination. Here’s an excerpt from the book. “If you’ve just begun your spiritual journey, you can boost the process whilst

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Moon Books partners with Wyldwood

Sep 24th, 2018 | By

Moon Books are delighted to announce our new partnership with Wyldwood. Recently re-launched, Wyldwood is a Pagan internet radio station offering a unique blend of radio shows and streamed music specifically for a Pagan audience. Wyldwood broadcasts 24/7, no matter where you are on the planet, or what time of day, Wyldwood Radio is there

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Hail Hekate! … From book reviewer to best-selling author

Sep 16th, 2018 | By

Moon Books author Viv Moss has recently celebrated her book on Hekate selling five thousand copies and reaching best-seller status. Viv originally got in touch with Moon Books in 2014 asking if she could be a reviewer. We were happy to take her on and after reviewing for a while she offered a chapter on

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Herbs of Saturn

Aug 31st, 2018 | By

Morning Glory and henbane are both herbs of Saturn. Why did historical herbalists connect certain plants with the sun, the moon or the planets? Steve Andrews has explored this in his book: Herbs of the Sun Moon and Planets, which you can find out more about here –  Here’s morning glory        

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Reviews for Ross Heaven’s The Way of the Lover

Aug 29th, 2018 | By

Published in September 2017, Ross Heaven’s The Way of the Lover combines medicine wheel teachings of ‘The Path of The Heart’, with the poetry and hidden teachings of illumination within the words of the great Sufi love poet, Rumi. It explores the questions that concern every man and woman: What is True love? How can I

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Have Yourself A Merry Little (Pagan) Christmas

Aug 28th, 2018 | By

I’m sitting here on the sun lounger under an umbrella during the heat-wave and reading an article by one of the Sunday Independent’s columnist on the subject of all things – Christmas! “The festive season is on my mind,” writes John Masterson, “because my plans are made … I will be visiting a part of

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The Shaman Within – an excerpt

Aug 27th, 2018 | By

The Shaman Within, by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free  explains how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits. Through a very personal journey; the travels, experiences, rituals, highs and lows of the protagonist, an amazing tapestry of insights and answers is woven

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Herbs of Mars

Aug 25th, 2018 | By

Some of the herbs associated with the planet Mars, are the dragon tree, and tobacco. In this video, Moon Books author Steve Andrews explains why the dragon tree is associates with Mars.   And here’s a photo of tree tobacco, which is also associated with Mars.               Find out

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