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Bright Eyes

May 27th, 2018 | By

Today’s blog is not goddess related but about a strange experience I had on a crowded train between Bristol and Weymouth last month. Me and Therese had just flew back from a holiday in Languedoc near to the Pyrenees in south east France. It had been a long day, travelling from Fabrezan south of Carcassonne

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Beltaine Bride

May 2nd, 2018 | By

  The Flower Maiden was radiant in her light green flaxen wedding dress made by the nature spirits that came alive in the newly flourishing landscape and wore around her delicate shoulders a cloak of light blue in honour of the sky. She gently gripped a bouquet of early summer blooms, a spread of the

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The Meditating Goldfish

Apr 25th, 2018 | By

My mind is at rest, calm and at ease with my body. I have crossed the dark abyss, the bridge that separates the physical and spiritual worlds. The abyss disconnects the spiritual mind from the physical brain allowing the true self to escape the realm of matter for a time to bathe in the presence

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Varytita Goddess of Attraction

Apr 1st, 2018 | By

The practically unheard of Goddess Varytita has been with us since the beginning of space and time. She is the force that binds everything to everything else in the universe, from the atoms that form matter to the energy that keeps planets from breaking free from the stars and keeps the stars in place to

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Maltese Easter Adventure

Mar 30th, 2018 | By

  In Search of the Goddess I arrived in the sweltering heat of the small Mediterranean Island of Malta for Easter 2010 after hearing it had over forty Neolithic goddess temples scattered across the landscape. Being Easter and with 98% of the population being Roman Catholic Malta was preparing for ceremonies and parades to remember

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Queen of the Equinoxes

Mar 20th, 2018 | By

At the Spring Equinox, the midpoint between spring and summer, between the 21st and 23rd of March, the great love of Brigit arrives in the physical plane when nature is just beginning to reveal her first fruits above the thawing earth. It is six weeks or one and a half cycles of the moon since

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Mother Earth to Earth Mother

Feb 27th, 2018 | By

Evidence of a belief in a goddess energy has been found during archaeology digs throughout Europe and Asia unearthing tens of thousands female figurines, mostly large breasted and big bottomed headless statues that is believed to represent the Mother Goddess dating from around 23,000BC to the end of the Stone Age about 4,000 years ago.

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The Queen of Imbolc   Part II

Feb 14th, 2018 | By

  Past Lives   Brigit was associated with the Roman ‘Queen of Heaven’, Minerva who was around at the same time. When they were not trading with the Romans the Celts would have been at war with them and would have had no problem transforming the aging Minerva into the young vibrant Brigit. Both were

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The Queen of Imbolc  Part I

Feb 2nd, 2018 | By

  When I think of Imbolc I always think of the coming of spring and an end to winter. I see it as a time to look to the future and bathe in the energy that comes with the rebirth of nature. It is the time to roll the old motorbike out of the garage,

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Dark Night of the Soul

Jan 27th, 2018 | By

In his book ‘Worlds in Collision’, first published in 1950 by Russian born Immanuel Veliscovsky, the eminent Doctor states that at some point in the past the planet Venus came into close contact with our planet, putting huge forces on the Earth that caused catastrophic earthquakes and biblical floods that destroyed much of the known

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