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Green on White

Oct 10th, 2018 | By

Even in a land defined by winter, October 10 is early for serious snow. Leaves were just beginning to turn seriously yellow and red, patches of earth blanketing in the fallen. Now, Fall is sharing its time. All day I’ve been looking out at the snow, heavy and wet, pouring down at the same angle

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In the back of the book

Aug 22nd, 2018 | By

On a recent visit to the mega-chain bookstore, I picked something up on a whim about magical practices and female empowerment, finding your voice and your fierceness, stuff a person sometimes needs reminding about. Back home, I noticed that the purchase included the promise of access to an online community of women, working for collective

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The Electric Eclectic Dilettante Blues

May 13th, 2018 | By

Growing up, my ambition was to write a new book of the Bible. I thought we were kind of overdue. By high school, that had evolved into the idea to become a Methodist minister. I’ve often joked that I didn’t for the traditional reasons (sex, drugs, rock and roll), but really, it was the prohibitive

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