Author inspiration: The river and the dead

Oct 12th, 2014 | By | Category: Articles

By Nimue Brown

Nimue hillNo photo could do proper justice to this space. You can’t really see the scale of the barrow. I’m sat on – it’s taller than I am, a long barrow on the edge of a common. Nor can you see the scale of the landscape, the sinuous length of the River Severn gliding through the background, beneath the hills of the Forest of Dean. You can see the jut of the Malvern Hills from here, and on a good day, it’s possible to glimpse misty suggestions of the Brecon Beacons, in Wales.

I come up here a lot, to watch the sun set on the river, to see the buzzards soaring and listen to the skylarks. I come to honour the ancient dead, and to let the enormity of sky and landscape put my life into some kind of perspective.jhp5322da8f27f31

It was this hill that inspired the cover for When a Pagan Prays. that’s looking up the steep side of the hill, towards the edge where I’m sat.

The yellowing of the grass late in the season, is one of the characteristics of the commons round here. They are all home to orchids, butterflies, grasshoppers and larks. Magical places, sky temples, landscapes full of ancient remains and epic views.

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