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Waiting impatiently for the next book? There are a great many places you can keep up with your favourite Moon Books authors…

Looking for Pagan authors

Jo van der Hoeven, image copyright Emily Fae

Melusine Draco writes a column at and at Witches and Pagans.

Nimue Brown’s Alternative Wheel takes a non-standard monthly look at the seasons.  She shows up intermittently on Patheos,  writes for Pagan Dawn and blogs most days at druidlife.

Cat Treadwell also has a column at Witches and Pagans Р but her main blog is She’s a regular contributor to Pagan Dawn Magazine.

Morgan Daimler  has a blog about Irish polytheism, Druidism, Heathenry and general reconstructionism, and has a general blog about neopaganism and thoughts on faith, community and ecumenicism in a modern world.

Rachel Patterson’s personal blog is tansyfiredragon. There’s also the Kitchen Witch blog  and recipes
She has a regular column in The Mystik Way online magazine, The Magical Times magazine and the Pagan Dawn magazine.
Websites –¬†
Joanna VanderHoeven¬†blogs at Down the Forest Path, ¬†and also Druid Heart for SageWoman’s channel on Witches and Pagans.

Pete Jennings Facebook page is under Pete Jennings and he posts fairly regularly. He also has a website but does not Twitter. His Facebook page is followed by nearly 300 people, mainly Pagans & re-enactors and you can also find him at

Romany Rivers‚Äô blog is called ‘The Poet Priestess’¬†– a combination of personal musings blog, general blog on Paganism and Pagan Authors / Artists, and website. The tag line for the blog is “Living my truth in simple words and brushstrokes, paint and printed page.”¬†There is also have a FB page for¬†Romany Rivers – Creatrix¬†with a few hundred folks following.

Yvonne Ryves¬†blogs at¬†solitarypath,¬†sharing her thoughts and experiences in her life and work. She also puts up book reviews and weekly ‘connection’ posts which may help anyone working with her book Web of Life. It’s mainly pagan/shamanic really. She also has a website.

Julie Dollman writes at which has become a branch off her healing site as well as for sharing thoughts and teaching

Laura Perry’s personal blog is  where she does book reviews and writes about paganism, working as a writer and artist, and issues of ethics and philosophy.  There’s a Pagan Paths blog about Minoan spirituality in the modern world Рthe Labyrinth, Ariadne and Dionysos.

Hearth Moon Rising’s personal blog is a  resource for worshipers of the Goddess. Updated weekly. There are a lot of nature articles, some craft, and few reviews.

Robin Herne contributes to the Ipswich Pagan newsletter, one of the PF regional newsletters, and Pagan Dawn. Less frequently other pagan magazines too. You can find him blogging at roundtheherne.

Lorna Smithers has From Peneverdant РPoetry and occasional articles inspired by her local landscape, British mythology and folk and fairy lore.

Danu Forest writes a regular column in ‘The Green Parent’, and is a frequent contributor in ‘Kindred Spirit’.

Find Elen Sentier at  and you can read her blog.

Nikki Starcat Shields has written a regular column for the EarthTides newsletter since 1997. You can find her at cafetruth and starcatscorner.

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free has a website here –

Diana Rajchel’s work has appeared in SageWoman, Circle Network News and Llewellyn annuals since 1999.


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