Australian Druidry- an excerpt

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Australian Druidry by Julie Brett releases officially on the 29th September 2017. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

“Australia has a diverse landscape, unique plants and animals,
and seasons that incorporate fire and flood, drought and also
times of great abundance. The mood of the landscape can change
from one valley to the next, and differs greatly from the north to
the south, and from the coast to the red centre, yet every part of
it has something to tell us. Australian Druidry is a spiritual path
of connecting with the Australian landscape as a sacred place. It
is a method of listening to the messages the land has for us, and
coming into communication with its unique voice.

Modern Druidry is a path of nature-based spirituality being walked by many people over the world today. It centers on an understanding that it is the ‘wisdom of the trees’ as the messages of the natural world that can help us find guidance in our lives for peace, learning, and personal development. These meanings can help guide our lives and bring us into connection with the spirit that flows through all things. Moving into alignment with the natural world can inspire us and guide us towards greater creativity and happiness in life.

In our connection with nature we feel the presence of the divine; in the turn of the seasons we feel changes in our own being; in our encounters with animals we see messages for our lives; in the presence of trees we feel their wisdom. For those who learn to listen, the land itself speaks. In Australian Druidry we explore and develop new traditions through these interactions in the native landscape, as well as drawing on a wealth of historical spiritual traditions of those practicing in other lands. Modern Druidry in any landscape is a process of finding a personal connection with nature and spirit, and is a tradition that is evolving and changing as we explore.”

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