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Mama Gina is Goddess Kiss’d

Get the CD here.

I do enjoy working in radio. I get introduced to some of the newest and greatest musicians to hit the music scene, both New Age and Pagan. Mama Gina’s been performing for some time at regional Pagan festivals, this year she released her first CD at the encouragement of her friends, family, and festival-going-fans.

Mama Gina gives her listeners a taste of the divine and the humorous with her debut CD. From the first track “Summer of the Fae” I was hooked.  ”Summer” shows Gina’s light side while “Come Trance with Me” shows her spiritual side. “Sisters Waiting” will bring a tear to your eye and “The PSG Song” will leave you laughing.

“Come Trance with Me” is a wonderful little piece to help get you in the mood for meditation, exercise or ritual. It will sooth the spirit just enough to get you into that perfect start of a trance state. Or, you can just listen to it to listen to it.

“The PSG Song” is very fitting for anyone who has ever attended a large out door Pagan festival that has the freedom of body that PSG and other similar festivals do. It could almost be renamed the “Pagan Festival Song” and fits right along with Loke E. Coyote’s “Pagan Polka”.

Get a taste of Mama Gina’s talents at her ReverbNation page.

A Garden of Magic Spells

Brian Henke has been an artist in the New Age and Pagan music genres for a while now, but I finally got my paws on two of his CDs earlier this summer. To prepare for his summer festival tour in the U.S., he sent out copies of his A Child’s Garden and Seven Magic Spells to community radio stations. I’m asking myself one question, “Why did I wait to add him to my collection?”

With his guitar and natural feel for the music, he takes his listeners on a journey through a child’s impressions of a garden and sets the mood for magic. 

In A Child’s Garden, Henke takes you for a walk through a garden from a child’s view point. Walking barefoot in the garden with your head in the clouds you see angels and rainbows, dance with gnomes and the moon goddess, feast with faeries in a cloud castle and twinkle with the stars. Taking ideas from the songs and stories of our youth, Henke transforms those ideas into a wonerous adventure.


 With Seven Magic Spells, Henke introduces you to soothing strumming sounds that will help set the mood for magic. With some of the same child-like wonder of Garden, you experience the magic of seven spells that will set you free to explore that magical realm. Salome dances the seven veils on a beautiful morning with the gypsy moon and a boy wizard.


Check out Brian’s music on his ReverbNation page.

Brian Henke is scheduled to be interviewed on my show Musica Pagani for Sunday 11 August 2013 at 7pm U.S. Central Time. Mama Gina is scheduled to be interviewed on Musica Pagani for Sunday 18 August 2013 at 7pm U.S. Central Time.

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