August Poems

Aug 7th, 2013 | By | Category: Tiffany Chaney

tiffany chaney photoTiffany Chaney is an artist and writer residing in North Carolina, USA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from Salem College and is Founding Editor of Recto Verso Review, serving as Art Editor of Thrush Press. Her poetry collection Between Blue and Grey (2012) can be requested at any book retailer or purchased at


Circle of the Soul
wake the witness,
silent Sulis
of the pond.
Pretend the nameless
are named.
Pretend the formless
are framed.
wake the witness.
until it is your turn
of the wheel.
the self with
the making of souls,
until having played
pretend you can fall
asleep again.
Wake, and witness,
so we may recall.

I am unapologetic for
my open heart
my expressive nature.

I am unapologetic.
I gave, I forgave
to surrender,
         to sabotage the self
         to resurrect the self.

Bleeding out flood
heavy the stunned
numb and nameless
need to stay “Safe.”

will have none of that.

I am unapologetic for
the uneven scales. No,
I will not polish them.

My heart is the measure
against the feather:
executioner, healer,
lover, teacher, fighter.
Fuck “Safe.”

Ma’at, I surrender
this sacred heart
into your capable hands
as you offer me,
again, to myself.

Let the Wood
Let the wood speak.
Let the wood speak
in its bark tongue.
Let the wood sound
its creaking lightening
struck serenade.
Let the leaves of the wood
be syllables of sanctuary,
the hollow of each holy tree
witness the sounding of the soul.
Let the wood speak.
Let us listen, finally, to
its soothe-sayings.

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