Astrological spell working

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Astrological spell working

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If astrology is your thing, then you can tie your spell working in with the position of the planets.  Working a spell that corresponds to the energy of a specific planet when it is dancing in the forefront of our skies will add extra kick to your magic.  You can find all sorts of websites on the net that give you the current and future planetary positions.


Work spells for: Confidence, self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, energy, strength, ambition, impulsiveness, sports, competition, physical activity, passion, adventure, healing for trauma and fever, discipline, will power, stamina, attacks, defence, warriors, battles and breaking binding and love spells.


Work spells for: Love, beauty, passion, harmony, balance, feelings, sympathy, pleasure, sensuality, comfort, romance, marriage, business partnerships, sex, the arts, social life, grace, charm, healing, garden magic, immortality, relationships and female health.


Work spells for: Communication, information and networking, travel, trade, merchants and commerce.


Work spells for: Emotions, unconscious habits, rhythms, memories, moods, adapting, reactions, maternal instincts, nurturing, the home, security, the past, healing, growing, cycles, domestic issues, marriage, female issues, female fertility, children, balance and secrets.


Work spells for: Ego, life force, creativity, male fertility, parenthood, sports, holidays, recreation, social events, healing, protection, prosperity and wealth.


Work spells for: Renewal, rebirth, clarity, research, uncovering information.


Work spells for: Religion, faith, legal matters, politics, authority, influence, power, fatherhood, purification and healing.


Work spells for: Leadership, law, order, rules, boundaries, death, taxes, fate, adversity and survival.


Work spells for: Wisdom, individuality, new ideas, discoveries, inventions, groups and clubs, changes, freedom, healing for depression and breakdowns, revolution and originality.


Work spells for: Dreams, visions, imagination, the arts, illusions, mysticism, spirituality, the divine, divination, water magic and healing.


From Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms


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