Aspecting the Goddess

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Jane Meredith is the author of the hugely popular Journey to the Dark Goddess .

Jane Meredith is the author of the hugely popular Journey to the Dark Goddess .

We’re excited to announce that there is a new title from Jane Meredith in the pipeline: Aspecting the Goddess will be both a workbook offering six different ways of working with Goddesses (or any deity) and also contain substantial memoir pieces reflecting each of these different ways of working.

Jane also has a workshop in the same vein coming up as part of the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury.

What happens when we step into the world of the Goddess directly, as her priestess, companion and vessel? How does it feel to walk beside her, to bring her presence through our bodies and words in invocation, to share her vision and voice?

This workshop will be a day of exploration and ritual as we move step-by-step into the timeless art of drawing down or Aspecting the Goddess.

Aspecting involves embodying the Goddess in ritual, while still retaining awareness of our human selves.

Within sacred space we will learn thorough grounding techniques, undertake a trance journey to meet our chosen Goddess and examine how and where her story meets with ours. We will learn skills of effective invocation, take a walk with the Goddess and cover the theory and techniques behind aspecting and tending those in aspect. Finally we will create a ritual together to experience aspecting for ourselves.

Reach out through the layers of the mythos to connect with the Goddess… Call her to you… Journey with her… Draw her down into your body and speak with her voice… Any level of experience welcome. This is a fully participative workshop, with the emphasis on learning and practicing the skills involved in embodying the Goddess in ritual.

This workshop is part of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference Fringe and can be booked at:

Venue: Goddess Hall
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm
Fee: £50

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