Arrow Moon and Horse-Man Moon

Dec 16th, 2017 | By | Category: Elen Sentir, Poetry

A song for the new moon in Sagittarius

Arrow tipped with fire
Sparks the moon.

Out of the shadow-woods steps the horse,
Or is it man?
Dark shaggy fur hangs loose on supple limbs
Dark curling mane hides the face
But under them, what is that which hides?

Curving, delicate, lying on her back
The crescent moon hangs in her hammock-sky.
She wills him near.
He feels her pull his tides.
Blood draws him on.

She throws a veil of cloud across her skin,
Hiding the treasures she holds deep within,
And lures him on.
His hands reach out,
On mile long arms,
To clutch at cloud.
He finds nothing in his hands.
She chuckles softly.

Higher now and higher
She rises in the sky,
Casting moonshine and dark shadow.
He stands below
Shifting hoof to hoof

The night wears on.
She makes her pass across the sky and
Falling westward hangs a moment
On the edge of dawn.

Now, now, he reaches out his arms.
Now she tumbles softly down
Into the heart that wants her.

As light and dark change places he,
With infinite care, cradles the moon,
Brings her home to fire and hearth,
Until, again, another night unfolds.

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