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Arc of the goddess front page MayMay – And so it begins…

And so begins the active part of the year, the earth is sending forth new life, the sap is rising, the birds are singing and growth is all around us.

This month is all about passion, power and raw energy, the fertility of new life and growth and the union of male and female energy in whatever form…nuddy prod games optional…

Everything you do in this month will bring you closer to your goals; use the energy that is all around you to focus your intent.  Work with May’s powerful, bawdy, raucous energy.  Although it’s not just about the animal instincts, this month also brings the magical properties of abundance and growth.  It is time to work some magic to increase your bank balance and improve your health.

1st May is Beltane or May Day and it is all about that va va voom passion, jump on board and get carried away with the fiery energy and make it work for you.

Don’t forget to show some love for Mother Earth too…


Crystal for May – Azurite

This stone was said to be connected directly to the Divine and has also been associated with the lost city of Atlantis.

Azurite can enhance and project your healing powers and help the life force flow properly through your body.

This stone can help ease worry, break down communication issues, and dispel gossip and overcome problems and blockages.

Work with azurite to bring you prophetic dreams and to communicate with the spirit world, it also works well for past life recall.

A good stone for professionals or those with leadership roles to carry.


Herb for May – Honeysuckle

(Lonicera caprifolium, Lonicera japonica, Lonicera periclymenum)

Apparently it was once thought far too dangerous to bring honeysuckle flowers into the house because the scent would cause young ladies to become ‘unnecessary’ and given to ‘forbidden thoughts’…seems to me like a definite flower to keep indoors…

Dab honeysuckle oil on your forehead to promote quick thinking and boost your memory, this also helps to increase your psychic powers.

Use honeysuckle flowers in all prosperity and money workings.

Honeysuckle can be added to other herbs in magical workings to help balance the blend and aid in the effectiveness of the intent.

Use in incense blends to help you meditate, increase your psychic powers and connect with spirit.


Deity for May – Mawu

Mawu is a West African moon goddess who rules the moon and the night sky and is honoured for the cool temperature she brings with her.  She is the spirit of motherhood and shows her people how to celebrate and be guided by the wisdom of their ancestors.  Her twin and consort is the sun god Liza and together they created the seven sets of twin deities who influence the world.  The cowry shell is sacred to Mawu.


Tree for May – Hawthorn

(Crataegus monogyna)

“Ne’er cast a clout until May be out” is probably an expression you’ve heard before but it doesn’t refer to the month of May but rather the tree.  The Hawthorn is known as the May, possibly because it tends to flower in May and can be seen adorning many a hedgerow.   It’s a sign that summer is well and truly upon us and the start of Beltane.

The Hawthorn along with Oak and Ash is one of the Faery triad trees.  It is said that where all three trees grow together you will be able to see the fae.    A solitary hawthorn growing near a well or hilltop is believed to be a guarding the way to the faery realm.

The flowers of the hawthorn are believed to be able to take your prayers and wishes and make them come true.  People will tie ribbons and bits of cloth, called clouties to the hawthorn in the hope that the tree will help manifest their hopes and dreams.

As the Hawthorn flowers around the fertility festival of Beltane it is linked to love, sex and marriage.  It used to be customary for a bride to wear hawthorn blossoms to aid with fertility.

The thorns of the hawthorn can be used in spells for protection.  Hang a branch in the rafters of your house to protect against ghosts and evil spirits.


Enjoy the month whatever you choose to do!


Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

Kitchen Witch



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