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Arc of the goddess front page DecemberDecember – Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…

Oh I LOVE this time of the year and I revert to being a complete child…

It is an absolute excuse for me to go into total cheesy festive decorating mode and of course baking lots of goodies, writing cards and wrapping presents…I really should have been Mrs Claus or should that be the Holly Queen?

So much of December and the Winter Solstice has been taken over with commercialism sometimes it is hard to escape from it, but I like to focus on the theme of Yule as being a chance to reconnect with friends and spend time with family.

No matter where you live, whether it is in the middle of a snow covered field surrounded by beautiful bare trees or whether you live in the middle of a city with the odd tree on the side of the road you can still feel the magic in the air. The crisp cold mornings, the crunch of frost under foot and that silent feel that surrounds us, the earth is hibernating, waiting patiently to spring forth once again.

At the point of winter solstice the darkness reaches its height and as the wheel turns the sun begins to return, the days very slowly becoming longer. Winter is a time to draw inwards and reflect, to look back at the months that have passed before and to plan for the coming year.

The Holly King battles once more leaving behind the waning part of the year and gives way to the Oak King to rule the waxing months, a reminder that we are in a cycle and that rebirth must be preceded by death.

Yule is a time to celebrate with your friends and family and a good excuse to stuff yourself with mince pies, puddings, mulled wine and dried fruits…and chocolate … and cake…

Crystal for December – Pearl
Pearl is a stone of harmony and balance and can help you synchronise with the cycles of the moon and the seasons and is especially useful for women to help with their menstrual and hormonal cycles.

Use pearl to increase your spiritual energies and connection it also brings harmony and peace to any person or place.

Pearl is a particularly good stone to use in prosperity and money spell work and it can also be used to break the connection between yourself and a destructive relationship

Herb for December – Cinnamon
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum verum)

Well it had to be really…

Such a fabulous scent and flavour packing a powerful punch of energy, cinnamon is made from the dried bark of the branches of the tree.

Burn cinnamon as an incense to bring focus and concentration, this will also bring about a deeper spiritual connection and boost your psychic abilities.

Add cinnamon to sachets and pouches to bring about love and success. I often add a pinch of powdered cinnamon to any spell work that needs an extra boost of power. That cinnamon power punch also gives you the strength and courage to make necessary changes in your life.

Tie a bundle of cinnamon with a black or red ribbon and hang it in your hallway to bring protection, love and success to your household.

Wear a dab or two of cinnamon oil when you go on a date for added oh la la. (Might be an idea to dilute with a carrier oil first if your skin is sensitive).

Deity for December – Hel
Hel – Norse – Daughter of Loki, ruler of Under-Earth, the Realm of Hel, and Queen of the dead (except for the heroes and valiant ones who have a place with Oðinn at Valhalla). Hel controls the souls of the wicked and those who die of sickness or old age in her underground kingdom of Helheim. She is the dark hag who walks the line between life and death, and thins the veil between the worlds. It is Hel who gifts Odin his twin ravens of prophecy and wisdom. She is the patron of Nordic shamans. Usually depicted as half alive and half dead.

Tree for December – The Yule Tree
The custom of bringing a whole tree inside the home at Yule/Christmas is a relatively modern invention but the tradition does have Pagan roots … no pun intended…
Our ancestors held special significance to any plant that remained green when all the other trees and plants dropped their leaves and appeared to die in the winter. The evergreen trees were believed to protect against illness and to ward off evil spirits and witches. So evergreens were brought inside to decorate homes and provide protection during the Yule season.
Evergreens were also a symbol of life’s victory over death by the Egyptians, an emblem of everlasting life by the ancient Celts and the return of the sun god in Roman and Norse traditions.
Today we bring a whole tree into our homes and decorate it with tinsel, ornaments and baubles…all sparkly symbols of the suns return and the abundance we wish to manifest.
Foraging in December
If you fancy a trip out to the forests and hedgerows keep an eye out for nettles, sea spinach, cow parsley, crab apples, juniper berries, rosehips and ‘shrooms.

Please be careful and make sure that you identify any wild plants correctly…

Wishing you all a very Happy Yule, enjoy the festive season!

Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts
Kitchen Witch

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