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Arc of the goddess front page AugustAugust…Oh I’ve got a brand new combine harvester…

August brings the first of the harvests and is a time when the earth and her bounty start to give us the rewards followed by seeds to begin the cycle again.

The sun god enters his sage years but is not yet done for…he loses his strength gradually each day as the nights grow longer.

But we should not lament with him but instead celebrate the fruits of the harvest not just the actual fruits and vegetables but our own rewards for projects and goals that we put into action earlier in the year.

Crystal for August – Peridot

Peridot is a total money stone bringing wad loads of cash your way along with a side order of luck and maybe a lil bit of love too…

This pretty pale green stone is also an excellent all round healer on a physical level particularly bringing cooling and soothing energy for fevers, swelling, asthma and allergic reactions but it also brings peace and calm to your spirit and soul.

Pop a peridot stone into your purse, a medicine pouch or just inside your front door to bring money in.

Peridot brings good luck to your marriage and can also be used as a stone to dispel negative energy and send it back to the source.

Herb for August – Meadowsweet

(Spiraea filipendula, Filipendula ulmaria, Spirea ulmaria)

An herb that smells of freshly mown grass, reminds me of summer and skipping through daisy filled meadows (OK I don’t actually get to do that much but the thought is there).  It has a really happy, blissful and peaceful energy.

My research guides me to the suggestion that the name ‘meadow’ is more to do with the drink mead than grassy meadows (which is always a good thing), the flowers of meadowsweet having been used for centuries to flavour mead, wine and beer.

Keep meadowsweet in the house to ensure a happy and peaceful home.

Use in love, peace and happiness spell work.

(Caution: if you are allergic to aspirin you may find the same with meadowsweet).



Deity for August – Corn Woman

Corn Woman is a Native American goddess of sustenance, she is the personification of maize and the fertility of the earth.   In her triple goddess guise she grows from young to old eventually sacrificing herself so that her body may nourish and seed the earth with corn and the people can eat.  Corn Woman can teach us how to pray and honour the divine as well as how to sustain health through the cultivation of food.


Tree for August – Linden

The Linden or common Lime is a tree native to the UK.   It is a hybrid tree that is usually planted in urban areas, but according to the Woodland Trust it also occurs naturally as a hybrid tree out in the wild too!

The Linden is very important to wildlife and bees in particular as they are rather partial to the nectar and pollen when the tree flowers around this time of year.  Because this tree is so popular with bee kind it has been given a strong association with the Great Mother Goddess linking it to fertility and providing

The leaves of the Linden are almost heart shaped and so I’m not surprised that it is a tree that symbolises love and divine power in Greece and Poland

The Linden Tree is associated with many deities such as Arianrhod, Freya, Nehalennia, Philyra, Venus, Odin and Tyr

Use this tree in spell work for attracting love, bringing peace, protection, balancing energies and prophecy.


Foraging in August

If you fancy a trip out to the forests and hedgerows keep an eye out for chickweed, fat hen, marsh samphire, nettles, sorrel, watercress, wild rocket, horseradish, wild fennel, hazelnuts and all sorts of fungi.

Please be careful and make sure that you identify any wild plants correctly…


Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

Kitchen Witch



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