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Lorna Smithers is a poet and philosophy postgraduate living in Penwortham in Lancashire. Her practice as a Bard involves communing with the land, spirits of place and local and personal deities, and sharing inspiration in her communities locally and on-line. Her poem ‘Proud of Preston,’ an address to the city by Belisama, the goddess of the Ribble, won the Preston Guild Poetry Competition in 2012.  Her work has been published in The Dawntreader, Myths Inscribed and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. She performs regularly in and around Preston as part of 5Poets. Her poetry pages can be found at http://lornasmithers.wordpress.com/

‘Looking beyond the embers of bridges glowing behind us
To a glimpse of how green it was on the other side
Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again
Dragged by the force of some inner tide’

–          Pink Floyd High Hopes

The world was ours, the moment all that mattered.
Our hopes were high in the mist of dawn.
We flung our friendship over the wildest horizons
riding rainbow lights and drums to distant haunts
that never satisfied the fire in our souls
nor the loneliness that lay its pall between us.  
Strung out on stars, burning everything of value
we reached the ravaged borderlands and paused
so far gone even astronomers couldn’t find us.
Looking beyond the embers of bridges glowing behind us

they saw the stone circle and distant Tor,
the penumbra of a festival vanished to the night.
At last we staggered home lost and nearly blind,
dazzled by the sun we couldn’t find to tiny houses
with stiff front doors surrendering hope for certainty.
The return was hard, obeying the constant grind
of re-learning how to put one foot in front
of the other one. Re-mastering the system, unseeing
starry skies. Yet on the odd occasion reality elides
to a glimpse of how green it was on the other side.

I fought onward, eventually alone
as the division bell began to toll, making happy
families with freshly ironed clothes, polished homes
and forced smiles. From a dusty library I looked out
across the hills- a glimpse of green and beacon fire.
My feet trod through cotton grass to broken remains
of tribal ruins drawn by chants on the west wind.
The other side returned to life in the vestibules of trees.
I saw a river goddess wash her hair in the rain.
Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again

the fragments stayed broken, my vision incomplete.
Stunned by the Tor redrawing itself on the backdrop
of my mind I relit the embers on the Ribble’s bank
and recalled the last hint of paradise before everything
went black and time took our dreams away. Guided
by the voice of an otherworldy king I reclaimed my pride
at the Tor’s white spring. Time performed its circle,
gave back my starlit dream. The world is mine again.
To the other side and spiralling back I ride
dragged by the force of some inner tide. 


My name is Lesley Lightbody (Raven Willow Rune) I am a mother, wife, grandmother and Witch. I am a team leader at Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery http://www.kitchenwitchhearth.com/ I take my Craft very seriously, but I do like to have fun with it as I feel that honouring the Goddess and Gods is a celebration and should be joyful. 

Follow me to the distant hill
Listen to the sounds of the whippoorwill
Birch trees budding, Spring has come
The Callieach’s season now is done

Ostrara walks this fecund land
Lambs are birthing, fed by hand
Flowers bloom, the air smells sweet
Wheat is growing, there’s bread to eat

Children chase the Mad March Hare
Follow the clues to the eggs in his lair Painted eggs, chocolate and
buns Sticky, iced and hot cross ones
This is a time for new beginnings
Planting bulbs and tending seedlings
A time when we discover anew
The love the Goddess has for me and you

Jhyenan O’Shea: I am an Arch Druidess, for the Acorn Grove, here, where I live, near Glastonbury.  I have been a practising witch for the past 7 years and a High Priestess for 5 of those years. 

A Morning Devotion
I Call Upon the Darkness Bright
Lead Me from Day and Through the Night
Silvery Lady, of the Night Above
Encompass and Surround Me with Your Love
Horned Hunter of the Night
Lead Me through the Darkness Bright
Encompass and Surround Me with your Love
From the Earth Below to the Sky up Above
Elements! Of Land and Sea
Surround and Encompass Me
Hear My Call, Air and Fire!
At My Side, By My Desire!
Here in My Perfect Circle Cast
I Find thy Peace from Future to Past
Here in this Perfect Sacred Space
Between Worlds Is My Special Place
In Thy Presence, I Honor Thee
In Perfect Love and Harmony

Maiden, Mother, Crone
As the Maiden, our Lady laughs and sings
To many hearts, joy she brings
She is full of life, and sings and dances
Twirls and jumps and lightly prances

Carefree, her beauty flows and spills
Upon the earth, our souls it fills
Silver stars shimmer and shine
To show the way to the Divine

From Maiden to Mother she becomes
As the flower blossoms from bud to bloom
Beautiful as a Silver Rose is she
As she weaves her web for you and me

As the Mother, she brings us stability
And the love and protection of family
She is with child, glowing and free
Her beauty shines down for all to see

As the wheel turns Her wisdoms grown
From the loving Mother to the loving Crone
She nurtures, protects and watches over us
Her love abounds in perfect trust

Call of Power
I Call on the Lady……Bold and Bright
Hear My Call on this Darkest Night
I Envoke the Elements By My Desire
Come Now..Water, Earth, Air and Fire!
Send Me Your Strength, Power and Might
As I Walk Through the Darkness into the Light
Mystical, Magickal Dragons of the Night
Come Now..Attend Me in Your Roaring Flight
Send Forth Your Protection as You Fly Around
Encompass Me, Surround Me, Your Power Abounds
Between Realms and Worlds I Safely Stand
Great Father, Lord I Take Thy Hand
My Circle is Cast, Strong and True
I am Safe Here…Because of You
In Thy Sacred Love and Harmony
In Thy Perfect Light…..So Mote it Be!


Liz Godfrey: I grew up in Cambridge Springs, PA moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  I graduated from Thiel College in Greenville, PA.  It was at Thiel; that I first realized that what I believed had a name.  A friend had written a term paper on Witchcraft and Wicca.  It was then that I realized that I was a Witch, and that was in 1995.  Since that time, I have gone through various phases of my learning, currently I am on the Celtic and Druid paths.  Life is so very wonderful, and each day is a moment in which we can bring light to others.

My Garden 
Oh, do take me a way to where the dragons do fly,
Where the wind sings a gentle soothing lullaby,
Down near the babbling brook we shall see
The most glorious old oaken dew tree
Around we do dance, around we do sing.
Hand in hand, we circle in a ring.
Happiness and laughter are born here.
For we are all together, nothing to fear.

Whole Woman 
Who are we women destined to be?
Lover, Mother, Leader, Wife, and Friend.
Shaping the world within our very grasp.
Each an immortal part of the cosmic tree.
Women are the nurturers, the ones that tend.
The Garden that is our very world, we do this without being asked.
Taking upon ourselves the very essence of survival and merit.
Piloting the way to a new tomorrow.
Fearless in the voyage that awaits her each day anew.
Solving the world’s problems, even those that she inherits.
For she is the whole woman.
She is I and she is you. 


Daianeara Topaz Waters: I have been practicing Wicca since the age of 16 when my stepmother started to teach me. I currently live in Ohio and run my own pagan craft business, Fantasy Creations by Daianeara. I have two beautiful little girls..and i am the high priestess of the coven, Cave of the River Nyx. 

Through Ostara’s Fields
As we walk through Ostara’s fields , we see the power nature wields.
Through her mighty hands, we see fields of spring flowers so grand.
Each one scented more sweetly than the next.
Careful not to vex her, for spring storms we will see next.
Animals frolic and give birth on this fine holiday.
For now we sew or spring ribbons to get ready for the next garlands gay holiday

Starry Night
Stars in the black of night, brilliant and shining bright.
Trailing through the sky, drops from the goddess as she flys.
They circle the glowing white orb that is the moon.
Fiery hot they are many and ever continue to loom.
They tell the tale of the beginning of time.
They give us directions and give us signs.
Ageless and everlasting , the children of the gods.
They will aways guide us with staff and rod..
Starry night we give reverence to you.
For sacred to us, we celebrate you for what you do

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