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yvonne ryvesOne thing I am, and always have been, very good at is resisting, digging my heels in, being stubborn and refusing to do anything I didn’t want to and years the thing I resisted doing most was writing a book. 

Anyone who ever read for me saw a book and when I first worked with Harmony Rite of the Munay Ki, Eagle told me, not what the book would be about, but its purpose in helping others find their path in life. This should have filled me full of inspiration but being quite honest I think it scared me more than a little and so I buried my head in the sand and resisted even more. 

Eventually I met a new spirit guide, a shapeshifter, a teacher whose unenviable task was to help me write the book. I was told in no uncertain terms that he would work with me and help me but he wasn’t going to do it for me. So left with what felt no other choice, I stopped resisting, for a little while at least, and started to set aside time to write. The only problem was I had no idea what I was supposed to write about. 

A few weeks after I first met my new guide I was sitting in the garden and found my attention drawn to a stone. From my shamanic work I know that when this happens there is a message there for me and so I picked up the stone, held it, examined it and then received the information that this was a listening stone and that it would help me to listen to the spirit in all that exists. In this way they could teach me what I was to write. 

I realised that I had been given an invaluable tool and I did start writing, but not the book, that I still resisted. Instead I started a Facebook page where I posted the messages that the listening stone was encouraging me to pick up from the connections around me that are part of the interconnected web of life. I knew that somehow this would inform or fit into the book in some way but of course I was resisting writing and kept on resisting. 

Eventually I was shown by Humming Bird one of my allies, how much energy I use by trying to stay in one place and how much I would free up by letting go and moving on…..and so I let go. I let go of the past, I let go of the resistance and I began writing. 

I still had no clear idea of what I was going to write but decided I would let myself be guided and go with the flow. Slowly, oh so slowly, the book began to evolve and as it did, in the writing of it, the very things I was writing about taught me. 

This has been a real journey for me, the journey from resisting to embracing, from meeting my new guide to listening to the ideas he placed in my mind when I was stuck, the journey from knowing that the Universe supports me to experiencing the full force of this support once I had stopped resisting. 

Or had I?

In the middle of all of this I stopped writing. The unfinished manuscript sat on the windowsill untouched. It then became relegated to the shelf by the computer where it sat, out of site out of mind. 

Then, as part of some work I was doing, I journeyed to meet my inner child with the intention of finding out what she needed. She has two words for me ‘Be brave!’  

She showed me clearly all the times in the past my stubbornness and resistance had caused me to miss out on things, how by not being brave enough I had let opportunities and experiences pass me by. It was clear she wasn’t prepared to let me do the same again and so the manuscript was dusted off, I found new enthusiasm and insight and suddenly the book was finished. 

‘Being brave’ though meant more than this. It meant showing my manuscript not just to friends but to a publisher and so I decided to be really brave and also sent my manuscript to two established and respected writers, who, big sigh of relief here, loved it. 

And the publishers? Moon Books of course as part of their Shaman Pathways series. 

And the book? Web of Life: Guidance for your life journey is now in print and available to buy almost everywhere. 

My guide is very relieved! 

yvonne ryvesYvonne Ryves is a practicing shamanic healer, shamanic drum maker, holistic therapist and trainer. Yvonne lives in West Cork, Ireland, where she runs workshops and courses on a variety of aspects of energy healing and shamanic work including Reiki, Chios, Munay-Ki, Shamanic Journeying, Pendulum Dowsing and self-development.


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  1. Ruth McCarthy says:

    I am in the process of reading your book Yvonne. It is wonderfully easy to follow. I am so so glad that you decided to put on your ‘Brave’ cloak and resume writing this very important book, which gives easy to follow guidance on how to create a pathway which will help people to develop their gifts. I am looking forward to working my way through the book to make more discoveries about myself.
    Congratulations, and wishing you continued success with all your endeavors.

    Best Wishes,


  2. June says:

    That’s lovely Yvonne 🙂 very entertaining and bringing a smile to my lips, as I too know what it is like to be stubborn and resist change etc. I so need to start reading your book and maybe I will find a way to embrace all that is waiting for me:)
    Warmest wishes

    • Yvonne Ryves says:

      I don’t know if you have started reading yet June but I can’t promise it will help cure all your stubbornness sadly lol.

      What I have certainly found though, is that when working with the cards that I made for myself as part of developing the book, they were so powerful and accurate that at times they made me laugh at myself and my own ‘stupidity’. By showing me and my resistance up for what it was they took away any need to dig my heels in and resist.

      Good luck with it all

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