Ancient Pantheons for Modern Pagans

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Here’s a selection of books written about ancient Pagan religions specifically for the modern Pagan practitioner. Rather than being straight history books, they give insights into how we, as modern pagans can take inspiration from the past and have it make sense in our lives.

jhp5166f08f7c1dbAriadne’s Thread provides a window into the spirituality, culture and daily life of the Minoan people, and commemorates the richness of a world in which women and men worked and worshiped as equals. In these pages, the glory of Crete once again springs to life; the history, the culture, and most of all, the intense spirituality of these fascinating people and their gods can inspire and transform our modern ways of thinking, worshiping and being.

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master_visualOld Gods, New Druids – the universe is filled with countless gods, goddesses and nature spirits. Many made themselves known to the Druids of ancient Northern Europe. How can modern day Druids make contact with these age-old Beings?

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Gods and Goddesses of Ireland – this short introductory text looks at a variety of different Irish deities, common and more obscure, from their ancient roots to the modern practices associated with honoring them in, an encyclopedia-style book with entries in easy-to-use sections.

You may also want to check out Morgan Daimler’s titles on Irish Paganism The Morrigan, and Brigid.

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master_visualWings of Isis lifts the veils of mystery that surrounds the great Egyptian temples to reveal the magic and rituals of the Isian tradition. Amazon US Amazon UK Hive Indiebound







Whisper of Stone – Have you ever wondered who were the deities in the land of Canaan before the Bible? A practical and well-documented guide, this work combines history and archaeology of the Canaanite world with modern insight.

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