An excerpt from Moon Song

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Moon Song is a beautiful pagan novel by Elen Sentier. it’s full of enchantment, romance, and characters who have a magical relationship with the land.

“Dawn came late here. The valley faced west, the next stop after the end of the cliffs was America, but from the house you could hear only a whisper of the sea. Light crept up over the trees, a mile away, eastward, at the head of the valley. The rowan trees at the top of the waterfall would be lit already. He waited.

The light grew, dripping westward down the valley, bringing colour into the garden. The birds began their morning song. Suddenly the place was full of light and sound and colour. Black, white and red wings flashed past him. Two swallows dived and swooped over the grass. He squinted at them, it seemed they were chasing a golden thread. The dance continued above the lawn in front of him, the birds coming closer and closer. With a shriek they let fall the thread right into his hands. He was holding a long, fine red-gold hair. His fingers tingled, holding it close to his face he could smell the perfume, flowery, elusive, distinctive. He could see its owner in his mind’s eye, a small, slender, laughing woman, surrounded by green grass and backed by ancient grey stone. A wind blew up the valley, he grasped at the hair but it blew away and the vision was gone.”

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