Air and Water

Mar 8th, 2014 | By | Category: Yvonne Ryves

yvonne ryvesThe weather has been interesting for the last couple of months to put it mildly. We have been blasted by near gales, gales, storm force winds and even a violent storm. Who knew there were so many terms for what is in effect air whatever way you look at it.

At home we have been extremely blessed in that most of the winds have come from the South, South East and South West and from these we are somewhat sheltered. In the summer I long for the sea view that being on top of the hill would give us, in winters such as this I am grateful for the protection that being on the lea side of the hill brings.

The winds though have caused untold damage to the environment, bringing down trees already weakened by the previous storms and yes, causing damage to people’s homes and businesses. This has now been compounded by torrential rain and high tides combining with the latest South Easterly winds which have blown the water back up, already swollen rivers, at high tide leaving them no alternative but to burst their banks. I have watched videos and seen images of small villages, towns and cities alike being slowly filled with the water that has nowhere else to go. I have seen photos of whole roads washed away, walls disintegrating and falling into the sea leaving everything vulnerable.

This saddens me as I feel for householders and shopkeepers who have been hit time and time again in the last few days. I wonder where they will find the resilience and strength to clean up and rebuild their lives once again.

But I also feel for the countryside being devastated by the combined forces of air and water. Does it make it any easier that this is nature on nature I wonder.

I find it always helps to look for signs, symbols and omens to make sense of what is happening around me and this time it is no different.

I look at our house and the land around us and am reminded that we are surrounded by Ash and Hawthorn. Somehow this has all survived unscathed although if I reflect on this I am reminded that both Ash and Hawthorn are associated with protection. A trip out into the garden with a sack to collect firewood revealed only the small twigs that we find at any time of year. I learn then that the hill and trees have not only been protecting us but all that is around us and I know in that moment that the trees have also been protecting each other too.

I look around the garden and am drawn to the tall bamboo we have growing. I have watched the bamboo being battered by the winds and rain. I have seen it bent in half, its high tips bending and touching the ground. But I have also marvelled at its flexibility. It’s ability to bend with the wind, to bow down and not be broken, to once again stand strong and straight when the winds die down. I am reminded that this is exactly what we can do. We too can be flexible, bend rather than break and in doing so we too will be standing when everything dies down, as it surely will, whatever it may be that is affecting us.

During a walk on our local beach I can see oh so clearly, the devastation that high seas and high winds have wreaked on the sand dunes. Each day our beach is reformed. Dunes washed away, new channels created, new sand formations and patterns have appeared. Once again this shows me the resilience of nature, the ability it has to bounce back, this time to be reborn as something new.

I read recently, that in Aikido they say ‘Be the water not the rock’, to me this seems some thing worth remembering. If I remember, I know to go with flow rather than stand in the way and be buffeted and break. I know that we too are part of nature and like the natural world can, if we choose, use whatever life throws at us, not allowing it to beat us down and destroy us but like the beach, shrug it off and be reborn as something that is similar but not quite the same, us in a new form. After all that is what shapeshifting is, the ability to change our form whilst still holding on to what and who we are even though it may appear differently.

Yvonne Ryves is a practicing shamanic healer, shamanic drum maker, holistic therapist and trainer. Yvonne lives in West Cork, Ireland, where she runs workshops and courses on a variety of aspects of energy healing and shamanic work including Reiki, Chios, Munay-Ki, Shamanic Journeying, Pendulum Dowsing and self-development. To find out about her book or to purchase it online click on the image below

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