A windy seafront ritual…books and cake

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My thirteenth book with Moon Books was published last week so I thought the occasion demanded a little bit of special attention.

How about a book launch and an open ritual by the sea?  Fabulous…at the end of February in the UK…the idea was completely bonkers.

rachel patterson witchcraft into the wilds

However…following a week (or more) of solid British weather i.e. rain, I was relieved when the morning of Saturday 24th February rewarded us with clear blue skies and even some sunshine.

We held the book launch on the newly refurbished, and very swishy looking South Parade Pier in Southsea, Hampshire.  The pier now supports a bar, arcades, several cafes and an ice cream parlour along with the fabulous Sundance shop filled to the brim with all things pagan, hippy and just down right gorgeous.  It was at the Sundance shop that we set up or book launch.  Huge thanks to Kate for hosting.

Also with us for the day were the very talented tarot readers Lyn and Paul Thurman of ‘Tarot by the Sea’ who had a packed schedule reading for all our guests.

Such a lovely turnout of wonderful people, lots of familiar local people and some that had travelled silly distances too – your support is very much appreciated.

Cake was supplied (obviously) and the vegan chocolate cupcakes disappeared first!

We did venture out along the pier for some photos and nearly got blown away…

rachel patterson kitchen witch

2pm arrived and we made our way down to the shoreline beside the pier.  Southsea has a very stony beach that provides lots of pretty shells and hag stones for collectors, I suspect some of our lot went home with very heavy bags.

We are used to holding rituals in woodlands or fields (and even once inside a church hall but that’s another story) so being beside the ocean was a first for us.  The challenges were to be heard above the crashing waves and the sqwarking seagulls!   And of course, fighting against the bitterly cold wind.  But we survived and even managed to beat the wind and light some incense sticks.   We called upon Poseidon and brought in the elements to help us work some magic for self esteem.  We found stones to fill with our negative thoughts and threw them in the sea and then made little medicine pouches to pop our positive pebbles into.   We also honoured the gods by eating honey cake…like you do.

rachel patterson kitchen witch

A huge thanks to everyone for your continued support and to the Kitchen Witch posse for all their help and of course to Trevor at Moon Books for his faith in my abilities and to my husband for being Manager/Roadie/Salesman/Marketing.

Witchcraft into the Wilds has gone crazy on the book sales front even before it hit the publication date and it still looks to be continuing on the up – I cannot thank you all enough ♥


rachel patterson kitchen witch


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