A spell of remembering and roses

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I stood at the edge

of water and scraped away land

I stood at the edge of

what was and what is


the waves of grief are palpable

the memories too many to capture

too many to hold

so I go to the water

that knows how to hold

to rock

and to cradle



three roses


the ocean


Hold the roses for as long as it takes to know them. Smell them. Touch them. Sink into the petals.

Remember the beauty that exists even when the world crumbles. Even when those you love are gone. Remember, there is still beauty.

Close your eyes and pull up the face of the person you love in your mind.

Try to hear their voice, their laugh, and the last thing they said.

Hold one rose and think about the past.

Hold one rose and open to the present.

Hold one rose and surrender to the future.

Throw the first rose out to the water.

Watch it drop away.

Throw the second rose out to the water.

Watch it drop away.

Throw the third rose out to the water.

Watch it drop away.

Let the beauty still stain your fingers. Cry. Smile.

Say: “I remember you. I love you.”

Say the thing you didn’t get to say when you could.

Sink into the moment. Let it fill you.

Walk away.

Feel free to look back.


A spell of remembering begins in the heart. It begins the moment you hold on and let go — all at the same time.

You are the remembering.


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