A mini interview with Mabh Savage

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Mabh Savage is the author of Celtic witchcraft and A Modern Celt is regularly contributes poetry to the blog.







Nimue: What are you excited about at the moment?

Mabh: Currently the all-consuming excitement is centred around our new baby, who should be here in around seven weeks. I’ve not been very well throughout the pregnancy, with severe SPD pain and a few other complications, so there’s a sense of ‘phew that will be over soon’ combined with ‘can’t wait to meet you!’

Nimue: What are you harvesting this autumn?

Mabh: My limited mobility means I’ve not been able to fill the kitchen with my foraged delights as normal, but we are lucky enough to have both blackberries and elderberries on the doorstep. The blackberries will mostly end up in puddings and jam, maybe some wine if I can get enough. The elderberries will be used to make a lovely winter tonic, using a recipe given to me by a far more experienced witch than I! Elderberries are naturally anti-viral so they really help stave off colds when prepared properly.

Nimue: What will you be doing as a Pagan this autumn?

Mabh: We are going for our last camp of the season, to be with our tribe; family of the heart, not necessarily of blood, although we’re lucky enough to be taking both our boys this time. I will take a quiet moment to pause and reflect during the equinox, and remind myself that just like nature, it’s ok to rest! There will be fire, food and (gentle!) frolicking, and showing the boys (5 and 7) the treasures of autumn.

Nimue: What are you working on at the moment?

Mabh: I’m working on The Magic of Birds, which I hope will be a fascinating resource for anyone interested in nature, wildlife, magic, symbolism or folklore. I’m collecting superstitions and beliefs from around the world to try and show how sacred and revered these feathered beasts are, and have been for millennia.

Nimue: What are you most proud of?

Mabh: Overcoming my own self-doubt to write my books. I suffer from extreme anxiety, and everything is a challenge when it comes to ‘putting myself out there’. But I’ve managed to hand manuscripts over without completely crumbling under the threat of rejection, and even learned how to handle the inevitable rejection that comes to any author, poet or musician. James Dyson says we should embrace failure, treasure every mistake, and I try and hold onto that ethos now. Better to fail, than never to have tried. And now I have two books published and have contributed to some awesome anthologies; I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Nimue: If you could ask everyone to do one thing, what would it be?

Mabh: Be kind. There is too much arrogance, ego and presumption in the world. Take time to listen, and try and understand and empathise. And if you aren’t sure what someone else means by something they have said, written or done, err on the side of kindness. If we all managed to do this a little more every day, how much more peaceful the world would be.

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